Commercial Pest Control - Serving Union, Middlesex, Monmouth, Essex, Hudson, Morris and Somerset Counties.


Protecting food products as they are about to reach the hands of the consumer is important to the success and reputation of any food retail business. Having extensive experience protecting food products with the more stringent standards in food processing facilities, we protect your food throughout the entire process to the highest of standards with quality measures that surpass regulatory needs.


Property managers are tasked with the responsibility of tending to the homes of multiple families at one time. We appreciate the magnitude of such an undertaking and structure our property management programs in a way as to address all areas of concern and their very specific needs. Scheduling is important, as notices sent to residents are met regularly. Total bed bug eradication is a must, and can be most effective with proactively incorporating canine inspections into your maintenance plan.


Food processing is highly regulate and audited, both internally and externally. The need for detailed documentation, impeccable log books, and great lines of communication between Quality Assurance Managers and a pest control staff are pivotal to the success and well-being of your food processing facility. Whether it be SQF or AIB, Secure Pest Service is there to assist food processing facilities maintain the highest level of quality that we have come to expect. Our cooperative efforts include a Quality Assurance Director assigned to your account in addition to your service technician. This is just one of the ways where Secure looks to exceed standards to secure what you value most.


The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and thusly, strict enforcement of all codes and good manufacturing practices (GMP) must be in place. The integrity of the facilities are a must, and our four hour response time to react on the needs of facilities where we are not resident is key to ensuring proper corrective action. Resident onsite pest control experts are available as well and make almost all pest control needs much more easily.


Logistical warehousing is important in the storage of non-perishable and perishable items alike. The vast variety of products being housed is equally a draw to a wide range of pests. It is for this purpose that all of our pest control solutions are specifically tailored to fit your ever-changing needs.


In the healthcare industry, we are aware that patient’s health and wellbeing is the primary concern. As such, response time is just as critical as a proactive pest control approach. Our healthcare programs are tailored for 24 hour a day hospital assistance with a four hour window to respond. Also, our drain line service applied to the areas where greases and fats would accumulate, helps stop pest problems before they start and fats would accumulate, helps stop pest problems before they start.


Utilities are the backbone of our industrialized culture, and we treat their needs with that same very respect which they deserve. Wild animals are known to damage electrical transformers, effectively leading to loss of power over large areas and extensive man hours. Also, weed growth around solar fields can make any solar field less efficient by a substantial percentage. Our daily trapping programs and vegetation management will keep utilities working smooth, man hours down, and project managers happy.