Ant Control & Extermination in New Jersey

There are various types of ants we can primarily find plaguing homes in New Jersey. These include carpenter ants, pavement ants, citronella ants, and odorous house ants, to name a few. Each of these ants poses its own unique set of problems to homeowners. For instance, carpenter ants are notorious for damaging wood, while odorous house ants pose sanitation issues.


Simply managing these pests individually can be overwhelming and quite frankly, ineffective. This is where the expertise and services of Secure Pest Services prove invaluable. Our pest control professionals are trained to handle all the different types of ants common in New Jersey. We understand the unique behaviors and habitats of these ants, allowing us to tailor our treatment plans effectively.  Contact us at 855-876-9757 to safeguard your home from an ant infestation. For immediate ant control services order ant extermination here.

Types Of Ants That We Get Rid Of in New Jersey


Odorous house ants get their name from the pungent odor given off when crushed. Workers are about 1/16 – 1/8” long and are brown to black in color. Inside, odorous house ants nest in wall voids near a moisture source such as hot water pipes, around sinks and leaky fixtures. They often seek entry indoors when their food source is reduced by rain or during the fall. Outside, they are frequently found under stone, walkways, firewood, debris and exposed soil. Odorous house ant swarmers emerge May – mid July.


Carpenter ants get their name from their natural ability to hollow out galleries in wood for nesting. Since carpenter ants do not eat wood but rather excavate their galleries, the sudden and frequent appearance of saw dust is an indicator that an infestation exists. Most commonly found are the black carpenter ant, however, they may be found with combinations of red and black or completely red or even brown. Not only can carpenter ants vary in color but also in size ranging from 1/4 – 3/4”. Inside, infestations may occur as a result of moisture issues in and around chimneys, roof valleys, gutters, wall voids as well as window and door frames. The excess moisture in these areas creates a conducive environment for carpenter ants to nest. Outside, they typically nest in tree stumps, rotting fence posts, landscape timbers, firewood piles, dead portions of standing trees and fallen trees. Carpenter Ant swarmers can emerge from May until August.


Pavement ants get their name from commonly locating their nests in or under cracks in pavement. Workers are about 1/16 – 1/8” long and light brown to black in color. Inside, pavement ants are most likely found in ground-level masonry walls of the foundation and favor areas by heat sources in winter. Outside, they typically nest in cracks in pavement, walkways, under patios and commonly seek entry via cracks in foundations, slabs, slab expansion joints and natural openings. Pavement ants swarm primarily in June and July, but also have the potential to swarm during winter months especially in heated structures.


Citronella ants get their name from the distinct citronella like scent they emit when crushed. Workers are about 1/8 – 3/8” long and are yellowish to brown in color. Citronella ants do not live inside, but may forage indoors in search of food. Outside, they nest under slabs, walkways, and decaying wood. Swarmers may emerge at any time but most often mid-summer to late fall.

Choose Secure Pest Services for Your Ant Problem

At Secure Pest Services, we go beyond just eliminating the ants you see. Our proven methods are designed to target the entire ant colony, including the ones you don’t see. We aim to get to the source of the problem, eliminating these intruders at the base level. This comprehensive approach ensures that not only are the current pests eliminated, but future infestations are also prevented.

Additionally, we use environmentally responsible practices in our treatments. We uphold a commitment to protect your family and pets’ safety while eliminating these unwelcome pests. We provide transparent communication with FREE, no-obligation quotes following a thorough inspection of your situation. And if specific infestations such as carpenter ants require particular attention, we adapt our services to effectively manage them.

Enlisting the services of Secure Pest Services also equips homeowners with knowledge about preventative measures. We value empowering our customers with insights on how to reduce the chances of recurring infestation. Our expert team offers advice on maintenance routines, cleanliness standards, and other useful tips that can help ward off these bothersome creatures.

By choosing Secure Pest Services, you’re not just choosing a pest control company; you’re choosing peace of mind. We take the strain and stress away from dealing with these tiny intruders. Whether it’s for a residential area or a commercial property, we bring our expertise and commitment to every job to guarantee a pest-free environment.