Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even a Mouse… Except in My House!

admin 06 Nov, 2017

This time of year, Santa may not be the only one trying to find a way in and squeeze through an opening in your home. Mice are notorious for being the ultimate unwelcome opportunists and exploiting the smallest spaces to escape the cold winter season. Needing no more than the width of your pinky to gain entry, prevention can be a problem. Here are some steps to getting rid of mice and keeping a mouse-free home.

  1. Exterior Inspections. Taking a walk around the perimeter of your home to check for openings is the first line of defense. Check around pipes or wires leaving the home, around basement windows, and along areas where siding meets the foundation of the home, as mice enter into structures on the ground level. All areas that you may consider to be possible entry points should be sealed with steel wool.
  2. Baits. Baiting for rodents on the exterior next to areas previously used to gain entry will likely be most successful. All animals are creatures of habit, allowing for behavior to become more predictable. While interior baiting devices are useful, they do not preclude entry or draw the rodent on the outside.
  3. Traps. If rodents are already in the home, a collection of well-placed glue boards and snap traps will help reduce activity. While getting rid of mice may start with the ground level of your home, many mice use pipes to travel to the attic. Insulation is then turned into nesting material. This is a perfect area for traps that cannot be used around children and pets. This is also a good option of green pest control for those opposed to using rodenticides.

While these steps may act as a guide for do it yourself pest control in minor cases, a pest control professional should always be consulted when considering using any pesticide. To schedule a free pest control estimate for affordable pest control, call Secure Pest Services at 1-844-SEC-PEST today.