The Itsy Bitsy Spider

admin 18 Aug, 2018

I was 18 years old in Army basic training, having just come back to the barracks from a field training exercise. As always, we were beaten and worn from days of living in the most basic of conditions, exposed to the unforgiving natural state of the elements and wildlife alike. Before we could see our first shower in over a week, there was one thing standing between the platoon and our long sought running hot water- equipment cleanup.

Hurriedly, we sped through the cleaning of all equipment, with our first hot meal in a week invading our senses from the chow hall nearby. The entire platoon systematically rummaged through the heap of sorted equipment consisting mainly of tent parts. I chose my target- piping used to support the canvas of the tent. I nearly stuck my finger in the pipe, but decided to clear the equipment of dirt by banging it on the floor first. To my dismay, out came a black widow spider.

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